Enabling BioInnovation and BioDiscovery in Africa

Our Science Programme - 3DLife

Deciphering Life || Decoding Life || Designing Life

Disease Biology

Research in areas of immunology, antimicrobial resistance, microbiome and intestine biology.


Research in areas of molecular biology and next generation sequencing , pathogen biology and computational biology

Synthetic Biology

Research in areas of biofuels and biomarkers

What people say about us

We’re proud of the work we do as our team works hard to deliver and contribute to science and research in Africa and the world.  Here is what people have said about us.

"Tractilis is born out a strong passion to set a new standard to do transformative science on the African continent that draws and develop rich talent, networks, and skills to anchor life science and health R&D"
Dr. Kwabena Duedu
Executive Director , Tractilis Biolabs
"Working at Tractilis is synonymous to working under aseptic conditions. The availability of consumables makes working efficient and effective. Team spirit of members makes collaborative research more interesting"
Emmanuel Osisiogu
PhD Student
“When you meet a team that is goal driven, dedicated and hardworking results are achieved. At Tractilis that is the team you get. Goal driven, dedicated and hardworking individuals"
Rosina Carr
Research Assistant, Tractilis

Let's work together

As one of our values, we believe in working together as a community. This motivates all parties to be at the top of their game. This also often leads to innovation with parties creatively thinking of ways to arrive at solution(s)